Mr. Roy



Abraham Lincoln.

Martin Luther King Jr.


Although magnificent, the valor of these revolutionary leaders pale in comparison when compared to the masterful Mr. Roger Roy.


It can be easy to overlook the seemingly normal qualities of Mr. Roy, however upon closer inspection one can discern the almost legendary status of Mr. Roy. The mysterious figure often wanders the halls, constantly maintaining the task of assisting teachers or helping students.


Mr. Roy’s grandeur is often bathed in a peculiar shadow. “I really don’t know a lot about him,” chemistry teachers Ms. Lentz confesses.


His indistinct movements often lead people to assume his activities are insignificant, however Mr. Roy is usually involved in the most important of ventures. Mr. Roy substitutes for a class almost every single day, further affirming the fact that he is an extremely valuable asset to Pentucket High School. His versatility is virtually unparalleled by any other substitute at Pentucket. “I don’t always know exactly what he is up to, but when I pay attention, it is easy to see that Mr. Roy is always busy with something at the school.”


Mr. Roy’s intellect and wisdom can scarcely be contained by the scholarly capacity of the school. “He taught French for like 1000 years,” Ms. Costello revealed. “For pleasure, he reads French books. He’s an avid, avid crossword fan. He might even do it in French!” Mr. Roy’s linguistic talent stems from a decision his parents made when he was a kid. His parents raised him while speaking French often, having Mr. Roy learn French as his first language and pick up English as his second. Mr. Roy’s language mastery still exists to this day, and he owes his bilinguality to his parents.


Known by most and loved by many, Mr. Roy is the epitome of reverence.


Mr. Roy is often seen walking the hallways before school, searching the recycling bins for cans with a five-cent deposit. In a highly exclusive interview with the man himself, Mr. Roy noted “I never go by a nickel without picking it up.” However common knowledge about Mr Roy’s affairs does not extend much further than this.


At one point in his life Mr. Roy was in fact a fisherman, and he commented that “he could easily be lured [back] into it.”


Another one of Mr. Roy’s defining features: his abiding ability to slip a pun in anywhere. Many of the world’s greatest minds have been comedic geniuses as well, and this is one trait which certainly does not pass Mr. Roy by. As a matter of fact, Mr. Roy’s great sense of humor is probably his most widely recognized characteristic.


Anyone looking to find Mr. Roy will commonly be directed to the library, where he spends much of his time at the High School. Much of the time he can be found reading, and it is worth noting that many of the books he reads are actually written in French. Additionally, he can read Italian and, in his words, “can get by with spanish”.


In essence, Mr Roy is the bilingual gem of Pentucket. He rules the library with an iron fist when Ms. Costello cannot, yet he also maintains his status as one of the most jovial and helpful substutues present at Pentucket. So next time Mr. Roy is in the library reading a book, pay him a visit. No matter the topic, he has something to say, and the time to say it.