Why High School May be (Slightly) Okay After All

Why High School May be (Slightly) Okay After All

After writing a (slightly bitter) article on the endless amount of reasons why high school is NOT the best four years of one’s life, I realized that I may have been too harsh and decided to reconsider. High school can be an extremely difficult time for a teen, but that is not to say that it is a part of your life that you should miss out on. No matter how bad high school can be, it is still a time that should be cherished, as its four years that you are never going to forget. High school comes with heartbreak and disappointment and all of those other bad things that make most teenagers hate showing up every day, but the lessons we learn and memories we take from these experiences are ones we will carry with us forever. We should not take these years for granted because there may be a slight chance that when we leave we will start to miss them after all.


So here are the good parts of high school:

  1. A little more freedom

  2. Spirit week

  3. Friendships

  4. Figuring out the things you are good at

  5. Learning what you like to do/discovering new hobbies

  6. Getting to know people

  7. Teachers who care about you/understand you/listen to you/try to help you

  8. Clubs/Sports/Extracurriculars

  9. New experiences

  10. Football games

  11. Prom

  12. Having multiple opportunities to socialize during the day.

  13. Trying your best on the work you do (sometimes).

  14. The feeling of accomplishment

  15. Good grades

  16. Being able to express yourself

  17. Having somewhere to go every day

  18. Being able to drive to school

  19. Watching movies in class

  20. Being prepared for college

  21. Learning to be open minded

  22. Changing your views and opinions

  23. Senior activities

  24. Field trips

  25. Dressing nice for school

  26. Classes you genuinely enjoy being in

  27. The excitement when you figure out a problem you’ve been stuck on

  28. Learning new things

  29. School wifi

  30. Meeting your best friend

(List made up by several Pentucket students, as mentioned in the previous article).

The students of Pentucket also have further things to say about why high school is occasionally enjoyable. Pentucket Junior Isabelle Lake says, “Being in high school gives you the opportunity to make new friends and find a best friend that you know you will have forever.” High school provides endless opportunities for a student, so maybe it should not always be looked down on after all!