What is the Best Rade?


In a world with so many options, how do you know which to choose?


A lot of people have a lot of different preferences on which flavor of Gatorade that they prefer. There are a few common favorites but with so many flavors how does one determine which is the best?


From asking around, it is easy to see that those who appreciate gatorade appreciate the rejuvenating factor after a hard workout and don’t really care about the taste yet there are those who are passionate about their flavor and think it trumps all others.


This pie chart shows the majority and minority of gatorade flavors;


Clearly, Glacier Freeze takes the cake among the population of Pentucket yet a student chose a more uncommon flavor.


“Lime cucumber is clearly the best,” boasted Kalon Boston. The students surrounding Boston as he exclaimed this did not agree with his statement. His peers were disgusted as they all believe that the best flavor is Glacier Freeze.


Everyone has an opinion and the second best gatorade according to Madi Chute is one that is often unheard of. Madi says, “When I was little I used to go to my friend’s house and her mom bought the best gatorade! I think it was called tropical blend.” Most people have never heard of this flavor yet it is Madi’s favorite.

It is peculiar how so many people can have so many preferences but with so many options it is near impossible to choose just one!