Apple Watch: Is It Worth It?

Apple Watch: Is It Worth It?

Ben Batchelder, Writer


Rolex, G-Shock, and now Apple. All of these are now popular brands of watches. I got an Apple Watch last Christmas, and I really enjoy it. But is it really worth it for you to buy one?


The Apple Watch 1 starts at $269, and the prices go up depending on what band is chosen. They include two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. I have the 42mm and I think it is the perfect size on the wrist, not too big or too small.


The Apple Watch requires to be charged every night. Some people complain you have to take it off, but I would not sleep with it at night anyways, so that is not a problem. The charger is a circular magnet and it charges very quickly. To connect your phone and the Watch, you must enable bluetooth and pair both of them together. I thought that it would ruin the battery life on my phone, because Bluetooth normally drains iPhones, but I have not noticed a difference.


Another plus of the Watch is how it shows you messages so you don’t need to look at your phone to see what you got . All notifications come up on your Watch and it is very helpful for the times that you cannot look at your phone. You can reply to the messages with voice command or there are certain auto commands that you can use. It’s nice when you are in class and can’t check your phone for a message.


The Apple Watch can track your heart rate, how many steps you walk in a day, and even tells you when to stand up and stretch. There are many different Watch faces, and it just came out with a new update that offers different styles to how the watch shows you the time.

Even though there are a lot of positives about the Watch, there are some things that I am not a fan of like, how expensive the different bands are. I purchased one from Amazon for much cheaper than Apple, but the quality of it does not compare.


Another criticism is how the Apple Watch 1 is not fully water resistant, unlike the new model. The selection of games is also not the best, so if that is what you are buying it for then I would not recommend it. There a few good ones, but nothing like the games on the phones. I find it useful for texting, notifications, the health part, but I do not think I would play many games on it, because the screen would be too small to fully enjoy it.


Another negative aspect is how loading some apps can be slow. The third party apps can take forever to load, and at that point I just check my phone when I can. I do not know if it is Apple’s fault or the developers of the app, but whatever it is, it needs to be changed.


If you are undecided about if you want to shell out the money or not, it is really about what you want to do with it. If you want to use it for health and seeing your messages then I would definitely encourage you to buy one. If you want to use it for games and just for the time then no I would definitely not recommend it.


Another reason I would not recommend it is if you do not have an iPhone. It is required that you have an Iphone if you get the Apple Watch. It needs the iPhone to set it up and use all the excellent functions it has.
The Apple Watch is a great piece of technology, and I definitely would recommend anyone who believes they would use it.