Pentucket Speaks: 2016 Election


Abby Couturier, Copy Editor

The upcoming presidential election of November 2016 is the most anticipated one yet. There has never been more fear displayed by the general public due to the leader-to-be of their country.

It is the younger generations who will be affected most by the election; it is also the younger generation that shows the most terror for the future of their nation.

Although the fear is shared by most, “I think that we are doomed either way so it’s all about picking the best of the worst,” says Pentucket senior, Julia Wyner.

Not all are rooting for the same candidate, however, everybody seems to have a rather strong opinion as to who they hope wins.

Pentucket senior Leah Wyner, on the other hand, thinks that Hillary Clinton will be next in office. Why? “Because there are lots of people who want to see a woman in office for the first time.” Leah thinks that Clinton will make history if she is elected. Leah also says that, “Her experience makes for a better politician than Donald Trump.”

Senior Noelle Lamattina agrees with Leah when it comes to who should be taking office next. Lamattina believes that Clinton will be next in the White House, ¨Because she’s not Trump. It’s plain and simple.” She goes into more depth behind her opinion, saying, “Everyone is afraid of Trump because he is portrayed as a monster by the media. The reasoning behind this is that it’s a popular opinion that he is a ‘monster’.”

Pentucket video, art, graphic design etc., teacher, Mr. Bixby, agrees that Clinton will win. He thinks that she’ll be next in office, “because of her experience and temperament.”

Erica Burton, another senior here at Pentucket, is also in agreement about Clinton. Although she is not old enough to vote, Burton says, “Clinton will win because Trump is too discriminatory and impulsive, whereas Clinton is not.”

Senior at Pentucket, Ben Gardner, is rooting for Trump. When first asked who he wanted to win, he simply said, “Trump all day. He knows what he’s doing.” He then went into detail behind his opinion, saying, “Clinton is so back and forth with everything that she says, whereas Trump is consistent. He’s not afraid to do what needs to be done, or to say the truth, and we need somebody like that in office.”

Merrimack College student Frankie Ward has high hopes that Trump will win, saying that, “I’m voting for Trump because Clinton is a liar, and she should be in jail for what she did with the emails. If anybody else did it, they would probably be facing time.” Despite his strong dislike for Clinton, he understands that Trump has his downfalls as well: “Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but I think that he will definitely help our country because he’s a successful businessman and he knows what we need as a nation.”

Jack Galligan, senior at Pentucket, is yet another who thinks that Trump is going to win. As of right now, he believes that, “It’s really up in the air… I think Clinton is winning the polls, but they both have a good chance at winning the election.” Galligan goes on to say that, “I’d prefer Trump over Clinton at the end of the day.”

With such a divide in opinions as to who will win the election, and the poll being within five percent of each other between Clinton and Trump.