Fields of Faith


Jessica Kuznicki, Copy Editor

Fields of Faith is a student-organized, student-led event held on high school athletic fields. The event starts and ends with a prayer as students share their testimonies with their peers and encourage them to consider the Christian faith in their own lives.

Throughout the whole month of October, Fields of Faith is sweeping states all across the country as students take the initiative to use their rights and share their faith in a neutral community setting where no one should feel pressured. It’s just a relaxing evening to hear stories of how a loving God works in the everyday lives of people today.

It’s a time when students of the Christian faith exercise their rights as Americans and stand up for what they believe in. A revival is coming.

Students in public schools are allowed to form religious clubs and events if the school receives federal funds and allows other students to form non-religious clubs and events. Religious clubs must have equal access to the same resources, facilities and equipment as other non-curricular clubs. Students are also allowed to invite outside speakers to such events if the school allows outside speakers for other clubs.

Fields of Faith is an event that can happen on any public field. Unfortunately, no one in New England has been daring enough to stand up and start a Field of Faith event. The closest one to the Northeast is in New Jersey. But it’s all up to the students. If they take the initiative, then anything is possible. For more information regarding Fields of Faith, how to start one in your area, and what your rights are visit,