News or Noise? Donald Trump Allegations


Demetrios Thornton, Editor in Chief

As the 2016 Presidential election is coming to an end, we are attacked with a whirlwind of breaking news about a candidate. In an extremely historic election where both candidates campaigns are filled with controversy, at this point the American people are ready for anything. Several allegations have arose about Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, as well as now more and more women are speaking out against the Presidential candidate by saying they were sexually assaulted or harassed.

This causes us to wonder, are the allegations against Donald Trump news or noise?

In talking with several students, many had strong opinions on the Donald Trump allegations of sexual assault/harassment. Senior Julia Santos thinks, “ How he is handling it is disgusting, because he thinks calling them liars and unattractive is gonna make the situation any better.” Mr. Trump has been saying he will sue all the woman making claims against him, he has denied all claims of sexual assault, and harassment although there have been several reports of his alleged wrongdoings.

One senior at Pentucket Lily Griffin, believes, “If he becomes President, men will feel more freely to grope and touch women.” Sexual assault in the United States, as of late has been a huge focus. With these allegations it caused senior Jack Galligan to ask, “In a Presidential election when the topic should be what their policies are, is this really the time and place for this?”

I believe this is the time and place, and the allegations against Donald Trump should be news.

Another statement from senior Julia Santos, “I think it should be news, because sexual assault is not just noise, especially in an election. It’s a serious thing.” Julia could not be more correct. Although in an election we should focus on policies and presidential actions, a President with more than a few accusations of sexual assault needs to be news.

In an election coming to a close within the next two weeks, we will see if the news of Donald Trump’s supposed sexual allegations will be his downfall.