Man of International Waters


Jimmy Cleary, Matt Garfi, and Mike Labreque

Walter Clark, born in 1924 in Cincinnati, Ohio, is proud veteran of World War II. Before Clark enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 18 and a half, he worked at a power plant.

He had seen many of his friends get drafted into the military, this influenced his decision to quit working at the power plant and enlist into the Army to be a water supply technician. Clark did not need training for this job because he had previously worked as one at the power plant.

Clark had been stationed in Sydney,Australia before he had moved into more dangerous places. He spent much of his time doing dirty work that not many people wanted to do, like shoveling coal. Despite having to do the jobs that no one wanted to do, he much enjoyed his stay in Australia. This was due to the good food and the friendly women. In his own words, “The girls were friendly”.

After being stationed in Australia, Clark was sent to New Guinea and the Philippines. He did not enjoy his time there as much as he enjoyed being in Australia.

He got to meet some of the natives of the land, who lived a very primitive lifestyle. They liked the Americans a lot more than they liked the Japanese.

The war ended while he was in the Philippines, Clark remembers the exact moment it ended. It was quarter to ten and he was in the shower and had heard cheers of joy. When he had exited the showers, he had asked what everyone was cheering about, the Japanese had surrendered. He found it funny, just about four hours before he found out about the surrender, they were told of plans to invade Japan later that year in November.

By the time he had arrived home, it was Christmas, and he was able to enjoy the holidays with his family for the first time in years and everyone was happy about it.