Trump Wins Presidency: Pentucket Reacts

Trump Wins Presidency: Pentucket Reacts

Tia Zanardi, Writer

On Tuesday, November 8th, America voted for their president and around 2 a.m. on November 9, it was declared that Donald Trump is going to be the United States’ 45th president. Trump won the important states of Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania, with Hillary Clinton winning California. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won the Electoral votes, sending him off to the White House.

Hillary Clinton won the state of Massachusetts, with multiple towns in the Pentucket area voting mainly Clinton. However, Groveland voted mostly Trump, with Clinton winning West Newbury and Merrimac.

I talked to Audra Foster, a sophomore at Pentucket High School,  about her opinion on what our future with Trump as president looks like: “I anticipate a lot more discrimination and I feel like our country has come so far progressively with women’s rights and LGBT rights, black rights, hispanic rights, and now I feel like it’s going to go backwards and I feel like it’s really annoying because we have come so far.”

Foster also said, “I think people aren’t going to stand for this because it’s not fair and the things [Trump] is saying are terrible as the new president of our country. I think it’s good the people are standing up to this. I don’t think there will be peace.” As shown from recent events, there has not been much peace lately with riots against Trump have taken place in cities across the United States.

Foster continued to say that she thinks our country still has hope for the future: ¨The President does not have all the power, the people have the power so if the majority of the people stand up to this and do not settle for something that is not what our country should have then I feel like there is some hope.¨

Grace Ruchala, also a sophomore at Pentucket High School, opted her opinion about Trump as President: “Even though the Congress and House of Representatives is all Republican, I feel like not everything Trump tries to pass will pass.¨

“Trump as president will affect me most directly if he disregards the Constitution, in particular the branches, the balances, and if he continues the long tradition of executive orders like presidents just doing things and taking power which Obama, Bush, they’ve all done. I think he could directly affect me by doing that. Personally, I like the constitution,” Mr.Siegfried, a freshman history teacher at Pentucket, said about our new presidency.

How is Trump as president going to affect your future personally and the future of the United States?