Bone Apple Tea

Bone Apple Tea

Madi Chute, Writer

Some say learning a new language is the hardest thing one can do. There are so many rules and ways to say things in all different languages, that they are quite hard to learn. In this past month, it seems the internet has proven this to be true yet again.

A new meme arose sometime in August of this year when the French language failed yet another person. While trying to say “bon appétit”, they wrote “bone apple tea” instead.

After the original tweet, people started to make tweets of their own, messing up the spelling of the food and the phrase morphing into “bone apple tea.” This is usually followed by a picture of food that does not look too appetizing.

Now this has caught on and become a full blown meme. People keep thinking of more and more variations of bon appétit. It started with bone apple tea, then bone app the tea, and now people are even using Osteoporosis! Here are some examples:


Hopefully 2017 will bring more variations of bone apple tea, and more iconic memes!