Back in the Day: Mr. Bixby

Back in the Day: Mr. Bixby

Ben Batchelder, Writer

In 2003, Mr. Bixby graduated from Pentucket Regional High School with some track records and a dream to be an artist. Today Mr. Bixby is going to tell us how high school was back in the day.

When he went to Pentucket he was an average student who excelled in the art classes he took, and he says besides art, history was his best subject. Mr. Bixby was not the best student at math and said he struggled with chemistry as well. When he was there the teachers that are still here are, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Roy, Mr. Langlois, and Mrs. Ducolon. He loved his art classes and his favorite was senior studio and painting.

Even though it has been many years since he went to high school, he does still talk to three of his friends that he knew from high school.

Mr. Bixby said his favorite times about high school were playing sports, being the captain on the track team, and setting some records for the school. He loved playing sports, but one of his least favorite experiences in high school was when he got his arm ripped out of its socket for two years in a row playing football.

Growing up, he just wanted to be an artist of some form, and teaching was not really in his interests. He is an artist and a teacher, teaching a video class, and various different art classes.

Back when he was in high school, when they did color day they used to do skits, and instead of decorating display cases, they decorated hallways. Also when he was here they extended the cafeteria and had a couple more mods in the parking lot that got flooded.  He notices what is mostly different about school today than back then is how there were no phones. Now it is a part of the culture, but back in the day people were not constantly checking them like they are today. He also said how he imagines all the drama there is because of social media.

When he got out of Pentucket in 2003 he went to the Hartford Art School, which is a part of the University of Hartford. The jobs he worked were a lifeguard, camp counselor, waiter, and a substitute.

Now Mr. Bixby spends his days at Pentucket teaching and working on various different art jobs . He went to high school back in 2003, but school is still similar to what it was, back in the day.

Art Done by Mr. Bixby