Is it Really that Good? Hotel California by The Eagles

Is it Really that Good? Hotel California by The Eagles

Ben Batchelder and Writer


Considered one of the best albums of all time by many, and one of the most famous albums of all time, Hotel California by The Eagles is a wonderful album that has changed rock music forever. Even though it was released in 1976 it still stands in time as one of the most memorable albums in rock history. But should this album really be talked about so highly?

Selling over 37 million copies worldwide, Hotel California is one of the best selling albums of all time. Only running 43 minutes long, it has an excellent track list with some of the hits being, Hotel California, New Kid in Town, and Life in the Fast Lane. Those just being some of the many popular songs. I personally believe that it is a great album and really is a good piece of work by The Eagles.

I have listened to this album with my Dad many times, and it has never failed as a good album to have on in the background or while sitting around a fire. In my opinion every song on it is great and I never have to really fully skip through any song. I enjoy putting this album on when listening to records, because of how good the track list is. It is not my favorite albums to listen to but is up there with Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin.

Picking my favorite song on the album is hard because there are so many good ones, but I would have to say Hotel California takes the race. This is easily my favorite song because of the cryptic message and great guitar. Everytime I listen to this song, I think it is about something different each time. What makes a good song in my opinion is the lyrics, and the beat. This song has both, and will not make you want to skip halfway through because you are getting bored of the song.

So should it really be placed as one of the best albums of all time? I would have to say yes because of how great every song is, and how it has such a great production for its age. The only negative to this album in my opinion is how short it is. I wish it was a little longer because it has so many great songs, and I really wish it had some more. Besides the running time on the album there is really nothing else that I have to complain about it.  The Eagles really hit it right with this album and I believe it should be ranked one of the best albums of all time.