Feminism Today: Feminism in Television

Feminism Today: Feminism in Television

Grace Ruchala

Since feminism is an important topic and is becoming more recognized, the media has caught on and is representing it in TV shows and movies.

One of the most feminism-oriented shows I have seen is Parks and Recreation. The show’s main character, Leslie Knope is played by Amy Poehler, who is an ambitious  feminist that tries to make her hometown a better place. The early seasons of the show incorporate many feminist themes but the show doesn’t hit hard on the issues until the 7th and final season.

One of the most hard-hitting episodes is season 7, episode 9, Pie-Mary. This episode features issues such as political injustice, home-making vs. working women, “men’s rights”, and double standards.  This episode clearly states each of these issues in everyday scenarios and there are many quotes that put an end to these issues.

To  make a tv show a “feminist” show that show must follow a couple rules. They must have characters that talk about or experience the real issues affecting women everyday, they must explore the real inner lives of women and men and not just focus on the outer stereotypes, and they should have at least one female character.

Some other shows that have feminist themes or include feminist characters are:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Simpsons

Orange Is the New Black

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

These shows, along with many others, prove that feminism is spreading and becoming recognized in the television industry and will soon be seen and understood by many more people.