All About the GSA



You might hear about the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) on the morning announcements or see posters in the hallway, but what is the GSA?

The GSA meets every Wednesday after school in Mrs. CC’s room, and all are welcome. The meeting this Wednesday hosted about 11 students, but attendance fluctuates weekly. Its first order of business was taking attendance and getting snacks.

Students then sat in a circle and went around the room stating their names, grade levels, specified pronouns, and how their weeks have been going so far. Once all students had a chance to speak and introduce themselves, the co-presidents of the GSA gave a quick synopsis of the previous week’s meeting. The co-presidents explained that in their last meeting they discussed event planning. This planning included in-school events for the GSA, such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day celebrations, and events outside of school like Pride Week in Boston, which is closer to the end of the school year.

The co-presidents also made a point to explain the rules that the GSA follows: using correct pronouns, maintaining a safe space for its members, respecting privacy, and respecting one another.

When discussing the topic of pronouns, members of the GSA collectively felt that Pentucket teachers tend to assume pronouns based on the individual’s name. Additionally, one student described the student population of Pentucket as being “unaccepting” and “intolerant” of members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, they believe that the informative session Pentucket teachers had before the 2017 school year began helped educate faculty on being conscious and supportive of LGBTQ+ students.

After discussing pronouns, the GSA concluded its meeting on a light-hearted note with a game of Cards Against Humanity.

On the GSA’s official website, it explains that its goal is to “provide support, build community, and take action to create change.” If you’re interested in being a part of this, the GSA’s next meeting is Wednesday, October 4!

Link to GSA’s official website: