The Reasons Behind Apple’s Success

The Reasons Behind Apple’s Success


Apple is one of the most successful businesses in the world. The company has top-notch marketing tactics which has led to its exponential growth. New Apple users often never switch back to Samsung or Android, due to convenience. iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches, and the ever growing line of products have something to do with this fear of switching brands. Once someone has an iPhone it can be synced with their Macbook, or Apple Watch; therefore, consumers are less likely to start over with another phone brand. But how did Apple get to this pinnacle of success?

According to CNBC, the reason behind the success begins at its roots, with Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the founder of the company. He began the business in 1980 and left in 1985. When he rejoined in 1997, the company had almost gone bankrupt. It seems that Steve Jobs knew exactly what to do to revive the company.

He began with the development and release of the iMac. Immediately, the product which is still popular today, saved the dying company. After this point, Apple released iTunes in 2003, one of the world’s top music providers. The development of iTunes was such a good tactic because it is much easier to use than buying physical cds, costs less, and is only reachable through Apple Products.

Similar to iTunes, the development of the App Store, released in 2008, was something that had never been done before by any other companies. This attracted interest from people using companies outside of Apple. With this, once people began to buy Apple Products for the innovative, easy-to-use microcontent, it is unlikely they drop the brand in lieu of the familiarity of their music and apps.

Additionally, another important tactic Apple kept in mind was keeping up with developments of competitors and then going beyond them. In this way, Jobs was able to develop products that exceeded the other companies. An example of this is the first iPhone coming out with a touch-screen. Competitors, such as Blackberry, all previously had keyboards. This new innovative idea began a domino effect, and, now all smartphones have touch-screens.

Regarding marketing, Apple has stores, not necessarily to have customers purchase products in them, but to have customers interact with the products. Walking into an Apple Store, the first thing one sees is tables of the company’s newest products that customers are encouraged to use. Furthermore, the workers at these stores are knowledgeable about the products they sell. If one walks into an Apple Store, their questions and concerns are answered and the products leave a lasting impression upon customers.

Finally, with all these developments, Apple has kept in mind one crucial detail: simplicity. The easy-to-use products are simple to understand. Virtually everyone is able to pick up an iPhone and go on the internet, or text a friend. Self-explanatory software is one of the most prominent reasons consumers hardly ever switch from Apple.