Halloween: Similarities between America and Germany

In the USA people love Halloween and celebrate it very much. When they are younger, the kids disguise and go house to house and say “Trick or Treat.” When they are older they still disguise themselves, but they have Halloween parties. They also have attractions in the whole October like the Screamfest at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. Nearly everybody celebrates Halloween, so it is one of the most important celebrations in the whole year.

But what about the people in Germany? First of all in Germany Halloween is no traditional Halloween. A lot of people do not except it and won’t open the door when kids are walking around an saying “Trick or Treat”. So the most of the Germans do not disguise or celebrate it. When they celebrate it they only have a party on October 31th and some Kids try to get candies even though they are not always successful.

But why don’t the Germans celebrate it? Probably because most of them think that it’s just an American thing and has not got anything to do with Germany. They do not want to imitate or follow the American tradition. But that’s actually the reason for some Germans to celebrate it. They like the American tradition and want to celebrate just as they do. They have fun with disguising and especially the kids love to get candy!

So all in all there are lots of people who don’t accept Halloween in Germany and don’t want to have this tradition in their country. But there are also some that love the American tradition and celebrate it.