Homelessness In America: How To Take Action

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For those who have always had a roof over their heads, homelessness is hard to imagine. Unfortunately, homelessness is on the rise in the United States.

According to “2016’s Shocking Homelessness Statistics” on Socialcolution.com, 564,708 people in America are experiencing homelessness. It has become an epidemic.

Homelessness is a hard thing to recover from. In fact, “15% of the homeless population” according to “2016’s Shocking Homelessness Statistics” on Socialsolution.com is experiencing chronic homelessness. This is defined as an individual who has a disability and has been homeless for more than a year.

A homeless person already struggles to get a job and acquires adequate money to survive, and people who are disabled have even more trouble. Disabled-world.com on the article “People with Disabilities and Homelessness” states that “Disability, in particular, mental health disabilities, can make it difficult to work enough to afford adequate housing.”

Homelessness is also a lot closer than some may think. This means that there are many homeless shelters, especially in Haverhill. According to Homlessshelterdirectory.com the closest ones to Haverhill are Emmaus House, Casa Nueva Vida, and Lazarus Shelter.

The website Mnn.com and the article “9 ways you can help the homeless” explains ways one can help at a homeless shelter: one can “Answer phones, sort mail, serve food, wash dishes, distribute clothes, babysit kids, clean floors, fix a leaky toilet.” So, while helping homeless people in the community, one could also be getting community service hours! Do you have any old clothes or shoes that you will never wear again just wasting space? Well, that could go to good use.

According to Mnn.com and the article “9 ways you can help the homeless,” Homeless shelters always are in need of clothes, shoes, and also non-perishable food items. Other things that are always important and in need of shelters include coats, blankets, books, cups, and utensils.

Those are just a few out of many ways anyone can help this homelessness epidemic, nationwide and community-wide. Simply do some research and then take action!

Information on how you can help: http://www.socialsolutions.com/blog/2016-homelessness-statistics/