Are the morning announcements changing at Pentucket?


For the past few weeks at Pentucket High School, many students and staff members have noticed that the morning announcements were longer than usual. Well, there is a change coming to these morning transmissions. Recently, a group of teachers and students at Pentucket have taken on the task of streamlining the delivery of these messages.

Three media outlets at Pentucket, the thriving YouTube channel Pentucket TV, the student newspaper The Pentucket Profile, and Pentucket’s new radio station, Pentucket Radio, are teaming up to digitize the morning announcements. Soon on Pentucket TV and Pentucket Radio, the morning announcements will be available in daily segments. Pentucket TV, the Pentucket Profile, and Pentucket Radio will work together to sort announcements, write and produce the script, and direct the video and radio elements for this daily production.

Publishing the morning announcements would not only save class time, but would also provide more viewership to Pentucket TV and Pentucket Radio. Pentucket TV’s YouTube channel is turning one on Jan. 9, and having the morning announcements featured on the channel will bring more views to the channel. Pentucket Radio was just recently launched, but the morning announcements will play daily at 7:35am to boost the listeners for the station. You can listen to Pentucket Radio at or by the player on

For teachers and staff, the Pentucket Morning Announcements team is streamlining the process of submitting announcements. Staff can apply their announcements by filling out  the submission form at (case-sensitive), and the team will begin the process of editing, writing, and producing the announcement for the daily segment.