Kenneth Tripp

Liam Grenham and Nathan Candage

When we asked Kenneth Tripp what the most important thing he learned in the military was, he replied with a very stern and easy answer of “discipline”. It was taught to him in the Boy Scouts and engraved into him in the Marine Corps. Tripp was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1926. He chose to fight for his country when the Second World War began. At 19 years old he up and joined the Marines, not knowing of the ordeal they call basic training ahead of him. In the summer of 1944 Tripp was sent to Parris Island, South Carolina, a place he would call home for the next six months. During basic training Kenneth learned to shoot and to better hone his understanding of Morse code, a skill he learned in Boy Scouts. But most importantly he learned to follow orders and respect the rules set upon him by the Marines. As quoted by Kenneth “ you do what you’re told, and if you don’t you will get a boot in your ass and next time you will listen”. While Kenneth may not have ever seen the front lines he still had his work cut out for him. He explained how his 12 weeks in boot camp were the hardest 12 weeks of his life. Waking up on time and doing exactly as you’re told everyday was a challenge. Kenneth explained how 12 weeks seemed like months. He does not regret going though. He appreciates all the mental discipline because it bettered him off in life. Once he got out of boot camp and the war ended he explained to us how for the rest of his life he has always been on time and diligent with all his work. Kenneth believes that all people should be given this discipline. “While they may not have to go through the 12 weeks of hell I do believe people should learn to better themselves so they can prosper in life and better others with their work”. Over all Kenneth said he would not go back on his choice to join the army while it may have been tough he really enjoyed the experience. His final advice he shared was “ remember you guys are still young so you obviously have not gone through as much as I have, but remember being diligent and respectful to others will help you prosper in life”. His final words is something to think about and cherish showing how a person does not have to go through hell to be a good person, but the will and strength a person has is enough to make sure you will succeed.