Joson Zappas

Brendan Dickenson

  Jason Zappas my step dad was born in pennsylvania 1977 and moved to Merrimac Massachusetts to complete high school at Pentucket. Jason graduated in 1995 and then enlisted in the army and shipped out in 1996. His job in the military was supply a specialist. He was in charge of loading supplies and making sure everything got shipped. His days in training camp were strenuous and strict. Training would consist of morning running and also working on different activities through the day. He said that his drill instructors were very strict and angry, the typical drill instructors. He adapted very well to military life ,and has always scored high on his PT test and was very fit through his years in the army.

      Zappas served in multiple duty stations in his time. The first duty station he went to was in South Korea and was also in Germany . He has memories from South Korea of constant rain for days some days. He liked Germany because it was where his family is from, so he was able to experience some of his family’s culture

  Zappas lived over in the middle east for a while doing private military jobs and working with companies moving military parts all over the Middle East. When he came back from the middle east he went back to his civilian life. He now works at a shipping company managing shipping cargo freights around the world. Zappa’s job in the army can be seen coming back and helping him in the real world.