Finding it Hard to Adjust

Sam Athanasopoulos

Honor and dedication comes with a price. With no aspirations to go to college, Frank Gryglik was immediately drafted into the U.S. Army Signal Corps Tech to serve in Vietnam, and later South Korea. He was part of a drafting lottery, having a low number at that. Needless to say, getting drafted immediately was somewhat a shock. He was nineteen years old.


Frank was born in Boston, Massachusetts in April of 1950. He is the middle of three children; having an older brother Stanley and younger sister Christine – who later served in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps. Prior to entering, he was a mechanic at Jordan Marsh; not formally known as Macy’s.


He served in the Danang, Vietnam demilitarized zone for six months. Due to continuous bombardment, Frank faced many casualties while serving in Vietnam. He got along with fellow soldiers and officers with respect, each looking out for each other. He kept in contact through in-service mail and postcards regularly


He was home with his newly-wed wife when the war in Vietnam ended. Needless to say, he was happy when the war ended.


After some time, he was drafted a second time to Seoul, South Korea. Luckily, he did not serve as much time in Korea and was allowed to come home for his brother’s wedding.


After serving in the military, he made no effort to join any veteran organizations. Frank preferred to spend his time by himself, sadly dealing with post-war post-traumatic stress.


Once settled at home, he worked for manufacturing companies as a maintenance engineer and manager.