A Full Life

Patrick Sullivan

Arthur Milley never saw action in the Korean War, or ever set foot on Korean Peninsula, but he lived a noble and dedicated life. Milley was born on August 23, 1929 in Lynn and attended Saugus High School. After high school, Arthur took an exam to get into the General Electric Apprenticeship, a four-year program. During the 1950s, while Arthur was at his apprenticeship, North Korea invaded South Korea, starting the Korean War. Arthur’s name was very high up on the draft board, making his chances of being drafted very likely. So instead of being drafted into frontline infantry combat, so he  decided to enlist in the Air Force. Ironically, he got his draft notice on the way to Texas for his basic training. After basic training he went to another base in Mississippi for further training. Next, he was shipped out to England where he would spend the next three years of his service. He worked as an aircraft repairmen working on B-36 planes.

One interesting story he told us about his time in England was how he had trained in the states to work on B-36’s, but there was none of those types of aircraft on his base in England so he didn’t have much work to do, He then opted to transfer to a supply role where he worked in a clothing factory that supplied Europe and Northern Africa. While talking about his time in England, Arthur cited that “I had a great time” and told us of how he was married at the base in England and lived off base with his wife. After the end of the war, Arthur was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant and he explained that “my war career was pretty enjoyable”.

After returning from the war, Arthur went on to work at General Electric in Lynn for 42 years as an Aeronautical Engineer. He worked on “small engines” for planes such as the T-38 and the F-5. Arthur and his wife had four children and they lived in Topsfield. Arthur now has 8 grandchildren and resides in Nichol’s Village where he interestingly has been there since creation and was at the unveiling of the facilities. He likes being at the village as it gives him something to do and people to talk to. In his basement of his house he has a woodshop, where he makes various wooden objects or furniture for people who ask.

When asked how his military experience impacted his thoughts on war, he said that “we don’t want to get involved in a shooting war with North Korea”. He also added that he doesn’t think President Trump should continue to goat the unstable leader because “nobody wins in a war”.