The Walking Dead Finale and Fear the Walking Dead Premeire to Air in Theatres



On Thursday, March 15th, AMC announced that “The Walking Dead” Season 8 finale and “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 4 premiere would not only both air on April 15th, but also be shown in over 750 movie theatres around the country. According to Entertainment Weekly, this event is a partnership between AMC and Fathom Events.       

Tickets became available on March 16, however, members of “The Walking Dead” Fan Rewards Club were able to make the purchase as soon as the announcement was made.According to Fathom Events, participating theatres within the vicinity of Pentucket include Cinemagic Salisbury, Cinemagic Stadium 10 Portsmouth, and Lowell Showcase Cinemas.

Event Details and Marketing

For viewers at home, the finale starts at 9:00 PM EST. However, Entertainment Weekly also reported that fans in the theatre will be seeing “exclusive bonus content” which will begin at 8:30 followed by the episodes themselves.

This event is being advertised as “Survival Sunday” and it marks the first crossover of “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” which was announced in October at New York Comic Con. This crossover will consist of one character leaving the cast of “The Walking Dead” and joining the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead.” That character is Morgan, played by Lennie James.

Significance for the Franchise

Fans have assumed that in order to crossover successfully with “The Walking Dead,” “Fear the Walking Dead” would need to perform a “time-jump.” This is because “Fear the Walking Dead” takes place far away from the setting of “The Walking Dead,” not only geographically, but also chronologically.


Fathom Events stated on their website that fans may attend in costume. However, any parts of costumes that cover the fan’s face, resemble a weapon, or conceal too much of what the fan is carrying are not allowed.

Tickets for the Fathom Event on April 15 are available now and can be purchased at the link below: