Mother’s Day: 6 Things To Buy For Your Perfect Nerdy Mom



As Mother’s Day is approaching, it’s time to start thinking of last-minute gifts for that perfectly nerdy mom in your life. Is your mom into fantasy and/or sci-fi? What about “Star Wars” and/or superheroes? If so, scroll through the list below in order to find a great item for any mom of these popular fandoms.

  1. Star Wars Silicone Spatula, Set of 3 from Williams Sonoma

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These silicone spatulas are a must-have for any chef who happens to be a lover of Leia Organa played by the late Carrie Fisher. With the current sale (20% off), this set of three, while the single spatula with Leia on it will cost $13.95. More Williams Sonoma “Star Wars” bakeware can be found at the link below. cm_type=lnav&isx=0.0.1480


  1. The Walking Dead Daryl Bow And Arrow Hinge Cuff Bracelet

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This “Walking Dead” bracelet shows off the signature weapon of almost every mom’s favorite character of the series, Daryl’s crossbow. The jewelry costs $17.95.


  1. Captain Marvel Wallet Loungefly

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“Captain Marvel” may not be in theatres yet, but the hype for the Brie Larson movie obviously will not go away anytime soon. This wallet from Loungefly is a perfect fit for any female fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who’s looking forward to “Captain Marvel.” The wallet goes for $38.00.


  1. Star Wars Leia and Padme Vanity T-Shirt from Her Universe

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When shopping for a mom, you cannot go wrong with Ashley Eckstein’s clothing line. For anyone who doesn’t know, Padme is Leia’s mother, which is why this shirt could not be more fitting for a holiday like Mother’s Day. The t-shirt costs $23.92. More “Her Universe” items can be found at the link below.

Ms. Gray, a para-educator here at Pentucket, gave me two items to add to the list. Those two items, along with Ms. Gray’s thoughts on them are listed below.


  1. Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons Women’s T-Shirt

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“I personally like this because it makes any woman feel cool, and most women I know love Daenerys.” says Ms. Gray, “She’s a great character and a great character to be compared to; she’s strong, independent and can do it all. Come on, who doesn’t want to be a mother to dragons?”

The Game of Thrones shirt costs $17.99 at Newbury Comics.


  1. Official Stainless Steel Wonder Woman Logo Stud Earrings

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“I like this a lot; the reason I’m a fan of these is because they are cost effective.” says Ms. Gray, “If you don’t have a lot of cash but want to get your mom something, this is a great example. I did end up buying item for myself! I bought it because it’s a nice and simple way of showing your fandom without it being a focal point of an outfit. Plus, every mom is basically Wonder Woman anyway with everything that they do, so it fits Mother’s Day perfectly.”

The earrings cost $6.39 from Amazon.