Dress up, Jam Out, and have Fun at the Fall Formal!



This Friday, Sept. 28., all classes are encouraged to participate in the Fall Formal dance. It will take place in the high school cafeteria from 7-10 p.m. and has a $5 admission fee.

The DJ of the dance, Ben Beaulieu, decided to keep the playlist a surprise to enhance students’ suspense for the dance and to avoid conflict. Beaulieu has incorporated a lot of pop, rap, and throwback music to last the entirety of the three hour dance. He is open to song requests and will likely play a song if asked.

Unlike Homecoming, a color to wear is not specified for each class, which allows students more freedom for their attire options. Although the dance is advertised as the “Fall Formal,” it is suggested that students dress in a semi-formal fashion, including dresses, button ups, khakis, and ties.

While the priority of the dance is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for students, the decorations will be minimal, including lights and streamers. There will also be free candy scattered along tables. Students should seize the opportunity to enjoy the music and time with their friends.

The Fall Formal is being funded with money raised from previous school events. The money from this dance is going towards the senior class to pay for graduation and other concluding activities. 

There were mixed answers to the question of who will be attending the dance on Friday. The freshmen do not know what to expect because it is their first high school dance, but a sophomore who is planning to go said she is “excited to have fun with friends.” Other students expressed that they have high hopes for the music, and considering that it is being held at the start of the school year, they believe it will be a good time to have a successful welcoming dance.

Photo Credit: Pentucket Class of 2018 Officers