Looking For A New Show?


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Everyone hits a time in their TV life where they find themselves bored and looking for something new to watch. The problem with this is no one can ever figure out what to watch. You want something intriguing, something relatable, something that keeps you on your toes and leaves you wanting more.

Well, are you in for a treat: below are five great TV shows that you can binge on Netflix.

Listed as number one is 13 Reasons Why. If you are looking for something heartfelt and relatable, this is the show for you. This show is about a teenage girl named Hannah who commits suicide and leaves behind tapes to thirteen people explaining how they played a role in her death. Although viewer discretion is advised as this show is heartbreaking. It is also a great reality check for those who are not aware of suicide, sexual harassment, and the challenges teenagers are faced with.

For number two we have Friends. This show provides laughter and love along with the reality of what being a 25 year old in New York City is like. Friends is about six friends and their lives throughout breakups, makeups, and everything in between. This show can easily be started at any season and any episode with the guarantee that you will laugh at least once. Although Friends may have some inappropriate topics, this show is nothing a mature teenager cannot handle.

Listed, in my opinion, as another great show to watch on Netflix is The Vampire Diaries. Throughout these eight seasons you see blood, love, and tears as you are left sitting on the edge of your seat after every episode. The Vampire Diaries is about a teenager named Elena whose parents had just died and the relationship she forms with some not-so-normal boys. This show is a favorite of many yet ended all too soon.

Show number four is called Arrow. This show is about a man named Oliver who goes on a boat that crashes. He is missing for five years, but returns to his home city later on. He becomes a vigilante and creates a team that helps him fight crime. Now, this show is not just action related, it also involves death and love. This show is great if you are looking for something different but still emotional.

The last show I recommend, typically for a girl but boys are welcome too, is Gilmore Girls. Not only is Gilmore Girls humorous, it is also relatable and heartwarming. This show has the ability to sway your emotions back and forth, but I can confirm that it is not a waste of time. After finishing all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls Netflix blessed us with A Year in the Life. The sequel tells the story of the same characters but explains their lives ten years later. This show is great and playful, while also somewhat serious and impacting.

The basic plan on Netflix costs $7.99 and is made for one person to watch at a time. The standard plan on Netflix costs $9.99 a month. That allows subscribers to watch on two screens at a time. However, the premium plan costs $11.99, and it allows up to four people to watch on one account at a time. I find these prices to be fair and reasonable in exchange for full access to all of the shows available on Netflix and allowing more than one screen to watch at a time.

Overall, I feel that anyone can watch the shows recommended above, and at least one of them could have the ability to appeal to anyone who reads. I’d recommend that someone watch at least three episodes of the show they are trying to get a good feel of where it is going, and if they would want to continue watching it.