Poetry Out Loud: Final Recitations Program



Hello students! On behalf of Poetry Out Loud production team, I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this year’s competition. A congratulations to those who are moving on to the final round of the competition, which will be held Thursday12.20.2018 during all of fifth period in the auditorium. 

Those reciting in the final round are as follows:

  1. Ella Mooradian
  2. Emma Fandel
  3. Nathan Oliphant
  4. Erik Normandie
  5. Brandon Berube
  6. Joe McCandless
  7. Lauren Kelly
  8. Grace Ruchala
  9. Olivia Colby
  10. Jessi Kolifrath
  11. John Davis
  12. Jillian Buckley
  13. Mitchell Powers
  14. Kristina Belaya
  15. Aiden McCarthy
  16. Liz Sutton
  17. Toni Sofia
  18. Megan O’Keefe
  19. Molly Forget
  20. Audrey Thronson
  21. Annika Ellis
  22. Zach Haynes

Watch the live stream here:

A special thank you to the production team: Ben Beaulieu and Tyler Pfifferling