Are you drinking enough water?

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This week, I am going to attempt at drinking eight glasses of water every day. According to Heathline, the recommended amount of water to drink each day is eight, eight ounce, glasses of water. I will drink two 32 ounce water bottles every day and record my results.

It is important to drink an adequate amount of water to prevent dehydration. Your body needs water and you are constantly losing it throughout the day. Based off of the articles Medical News Today and Healthline, water can provide many benefits including better performance in physical activities, more energy, improvement in brain function, and higher quality in skin health. In addition to these benefits, water can help to prevent and relieve headaches. I am doing this experiment to find out if any of these improvements will appear in myself in the next week. I am hoping to feel less tired and improve my health.


Monday, October 22nd: On the first day, I couldn’t expect too many changes. However, I did see a couple of small changes. I felt more energetic and a little less tired, which shows an improvement in energy levels. This week was one of the last weeks before the quarter ends, so all of my classes had a lot of work. I knew it was going to be a stressful week from the start, so having more energy should help with the increased workload. Finally, after school I had a cross country meet. I felt better than ever while running and I felt a lot more energetic and even improved my time, which shows that I had better performance in sports.


Tuesday, October 23rd: On day two, I was surprised to find that I felt more awake in the morning, and I had more energy. I definitely saw a difference in brain function as well. I noticed that I was more awake throughout the day, not just in the morning. Instead of struggling to stay awake and alert, I was able to focus and get my work done. I also noticed that I had more energy at my cross country practice and I wasn’t as tired after.


Wednesday, October 24th: On the third day, I saw changes in both my energy levels and my brain function. I found that I was able to wake up more easily and right as I got to class, I could start working immediately. Usually, in the mornings I am really tired and it’s hard to start my work right away, but I was able to be more productive and finish it all early in the class period.


Thursday, October 25th: On Thursday, I saw a better performance in sports. At practice, I wasn’t as tired and had way more energy after. I also just had more energy and motivation to keep running and finish my workout. After I finished, I felt like I could keep running forever, which is definitely the way you want to feel after a run.


Friday, October 26th: On Friday, I saw changes in my skin. Some breakouts on my face had improved and almost gone away. My skin looked more clear, even, and smoother. My skin also felt healthier. I felt better on Friday, and I felt more hydrated and relaxed.


To conclude this experiment, drinking water helps improve your skin, brain function, energy levels, and performance in sports. Although I only saw some improvement, I only recorded my results for the short time span of a week. I generally saw the same results every day. I most likely would have seen more results if I continue it for a longer period of time. I also found that it was difficult to finish both bottles every day if I did not space it out. To fix this, I would have tried to drink a certain amount of water per class or each hour of the day. Having an organized schedule for when to drink water helps to get into a pattern so that eventually, it will just become a habit. Water is very important for your body, but sometimes it can taste plain and does not appeal to you. If this is the case, you can always put fruits like lemons, oranges, and strawberries into your water to add some flavor. Adding lemon to your water even has health benefits of its own. Over the course of this experiment, I learned that water is important for your body, and drinking the right amount each day is key to living a healthy life.