How School Lunch Could Be Improved

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Kenneth Lee, Writer

School lunch is a important topic in many school districts. Whether the lunches are good or bad, it affects students on a daily basis. It is something that students look forward to throughout the day, a time where they can eat and socialize.

According to the National School Lunch Program, more than 30 million students buy school lunch in a day, which is a very high percentage of the population. Pentucket students were asked questions on the school lunch at our school, with almost all of them agreeing that it is not bad, but improvements could be made. 

Four students were asked if they buy lunch daily at school. The results were that three out of four students buy lunch everyday. Two students had a similar response to each other, saying that it is not all that bad. When asked his opinion on school lunch, Junior Joe Bogart said, “Lunch could be better, but it’s school, so you eat it anyway.” 

The use of whole grain has played a large role in the making of many lunches. Although it is much healthier, students should still have their own choice. Another student, Christain Melonas, said, “I think lunch could be improved if the whole grain aspect was taken out.” In reality, it could never be taken out, though two options would be a good idea.

Each student was asked what improvements could be made that would make lunch enjoyable. For some students, lunch is the first time they eat all day. One student commented on how “the portions are small.” If portions were bigger, that could incline more students to buy school lunch. Along with lunch, there are add ons, which cost extra but, in some cases, should come with the meal.

Overall, school lunch is enjoyable and many students who buy it would agree. Although it would be nice to see some changes, it is not the students’ decision. Realistically, it is not possible because school lunches need to meet certain requirements, such as bread products must be 50% wholegrain and foods can’t contain any trans fat. With the amount of kids buying lunch everyday, it would be much more enjoyable if they fitted for kids’ needs.