Senior Feature: Nathan Conway



Nathan participated in Indoor Track in 9th and 10th grade, competing in sprinting and relay racing. He also did Outdoor track in 9th and 10th grade, competing in sprinting and long jumping. 

Nathan is passionate about photography, so in his free time he often takes pictures of scenery or even the people close to him. He has been taking pictures all throughout high school and plans to continue to do so when he can. 

Photographer: Nathan Conway

Nathan is attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, majoring in marketing at the Darla Moore School of Business and will be a part of the Capstone Scholars Program there. He hopes to be able to use his marketing degree for a career as a creative marketing director. This may then allow him to merge expertise in marketing strategy with his enthusiasm towards organization and photography. 

Nathan will miss being around the people that he grew up with, but he will always remember the fun times that they shared.

Nathan said, “I just want to thank all the teachers that I have had in the past, and currently have, for teaching me everything I know and for making my time at Pentucket very valuable!” 

Some of Nathan’s best times at Pentucket were during spirit week each year. “These were always great times because everyone seemed to be happy and having fun showing their spirit. It was also great to see each grade’s videos each year and their twists on the different themes,” said Nathan.