Steven Universe

               Cartoon Network has recently released a new show, Steven Universe.  The show stars a young boy, Steven, as he tries to discover his magical powers and fight alongside his friends.  It may sound like a childish plot, but it’s important to remember that this is written by the same woman who brought Adventure Time fans to tears with the episode “Simon and Marcy.”

                This show is created by Rebecca Sugar.  She has been a storyboard artist, writer, and composer for the hit TV show Adventure Time. Now she makes a debut as the first woman cartoon creator for the popular network.  She has stopped working on Adventure Time for the time being but she’s still close with its creator Pendelton Ward, who now works on her show as a background artist.

                The show is breaking through the clichés and stereotypes.  Steven is a young chubby boy whose role models are all women.  He looks up to his older sister figures, the Crystal Gems.  The three Gems fight evil forces in Beach City and Steven dreams of being just like them.  The characters are great.   Garnet is the leader of the group and is cool and collected; she rarely talks and uses force to fight.  Pearl is the mind of the group; she takes charge of strategies and protecting Steven.  Amethyst is the fun one of the group; she’s lazy and likes pulling pranks.  Steven’s father, Greg, lives in a van parked outside his carwash and misses his rock’n’roll days and deceased wife. 

                Overall, the show is excellent and I love what it’s doing for modern cartoons.  I really look forward to what the show brings in the future.