Senior Feature: Hitomi Takagi

Zach Roberts, Copy Editor

Hitomi Takagi is a member of the 2020 graduating class at Pentucket High School. She joined us here at Pentucket as a senior, and she has enjoyed her time here making new friends and memories. 

Takagi participated in an art club here at the school, and while she did not play sports for Pentucket, her extracurriculars are unique. She has done Shorinji, which is a Japanese martial art similar to karate, for six years. Her team was the champion of her prefecture at one point. She has also done Kendo for four years, which is a form of Japanese fencing based on ways of the Samurai. Her team was able to place third in her prefecture as well.

Takagi’s favorite class at Pentucket was English. Her favorite memory was also during Halloween, when she saw all the students and teachers dressed up in fun costumes.

“I had never enjoyed it at school, so it was interesting,” she said. 

After leaving Pentucket, Takagi wants to work at her family’s restaurant, in addition to being her twin brother’s agent and manager for his artwork and artistic endeavors.

When asked what she will miss most about her time at Pentucket, she says, “I will miss that I couldn’t take pictures with the classmates and teachers, and I couldn’t join the ceremony and event of graduation. I looked forward to joining them.”

Takagi will be going back to Japan in May, so as a parting remark, she wants to say, “Thank you for accepting me.”