Does Reverse Racism Exist?


”The Soiling of Old Glory,” taken by Stanley Forman in 1976

Luke Redgate, Copy Editor

Is racism a double edged sword? Is it possible to be racist and oppressive against white people in today’s world? Here is the short answer: no. Reverse racism never has been and never will be a thing. 

With the recent virality of the tragic murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and countless other innocent black Americans, police brutality and Black Lives Matter are on everybody’s mind. Issues like these have been a constant problem in America for centuries, but social media has spread these stories around quickly and has done a successful job of finally creating a conversation.

However, with all of these issues coming to light, many people have shown great ignorance and racism when discussing these topics on social media.

People have used the spotlight on these tragedies to promote groups, such as All Lives Matter, and spread the false narrative that racism against white people is just as common, and just as possible, as racism against black people. This agenda is not true, has never been true, and never will be true. Racism against white people frankly does not exist anywhere on our planet.

While white people may face stereotypes like not being able to dance or not seasoning chicken properly, this is not racism. White people being the butt of harmless jokes is not racism. White people being told that their opinion is not valid when discussing social issues is not racism. People of color expressing their natural and rational distrust of white people because of the discrimination and oppression they have faced is, again, not racism. 

I think it all boils down to this. No little white girl is ever going to cry herself to sleep at night because of the color of her skin. No white man is ever going to be denied opportunities when looking for a job because of the color of his skin. No white person is ever going to be followed in a store, no white person is ever going to be a victim of a racial hate crime, and no white person is ever going to have to deal with racial discrimination as a common and expected part of their lives.

Is it technically fathomable to be racist against white people? Sure. In some alternate universe where social issues are completely reversed, is it possible that a white person will face some kind of discrimination? Yes. However, none of this is relevant to anything taking place in today’s world.

The truth is racism against white people is such an irrelevant and desperate non-issue that is only ever discussed in spite of and to take attention away from racism that is happening every single day.

So in closing, reverse racism will never, ever be a topic worthy of being discussed. White privilege is something that should be used to spread the stories of police brutality and systematic racism to our friends, brothers, and sisters. Any white person who attempts to use their privilege and the spotlight on these issues to promote false and ignorant agendas like reverse racism or All Lives Matter is just a substantial part of the problem.