Girl Dumps Chocolate Milk On Boy

Photo Source : U.S. Department of Agriculture/Wikimedia

Photo Source : U.S. Department of Agriculture/Wikimedia

Alyssa Coberly, Writer

 Body shaming has been a huge issue for the past few years. There are only a small number of people who aren’t afraid to stand up to bullies. Recently there have been a lot of rumors on an incident that has happened at Salem High School. Opinions have been formed, protests are in the planning, and changes are ready to be made, all because a Sophomore boy from the school was posting very controversial, insensitive “jokes”. 

             In one of his Tik Toks he posted, he says, “I know d**n well that more than 3% of females are either fat or ugly”. The post shocked many students, and it didn’t stop there. He continued to post more about women and their bodies, which soon formed into posting about both genders and body shaming. He got backlash right away, and one girl took matters into her own hands on Mar. 23. 

           A senior at Salem High School, Delaney York, was the first one to stand up to the boy. She emailed the school multiple times and nothing happened. She explained how she felt in the moment and how much it upset and shocked her. Since nobody did anything about the situation, Delaney had an idea of how to take matters into her own hands. In an email she wrote to me, she says, “I quickly thought of what the worst thing to be poured on someone would be and chose chocolate milk. I did this for all the women in the world. What he said was not right. He invalidated and made fun of millions of women with his Tik Tok. I recently found out my best friend was sexually assaulted so that definitely added to my anger for this kid.” 

Photo Source : @Amanda.Jamensonson from TikTok

Delaney was instantly brought to the principal’s office and the school gave her a two-day suspension. The students were outraged that she was the one to get in trouble and not the boy. Additionally, Delaney’s parents grounded her and took her phone away for a long time. Delaney’s friends posted a video of her dumping chocolate milk on the boy’s head during lunch. The videos were uploaded to Tik Tok and got nearly 10 million views. The comments were all supporting Delaney and her decision. A famous Tiktoker, “Stinkyasher”, commented on the video mocking him, “His head was exposed meaning he was asking for it 🙁 his fault, not hers at all.” Multiple others flooding the comments saying “free Delaney 2021.” 

Thousands of people were also commenting on his account. He made an apology video saying, “To anyone offended by my videos, those were meant to be jokes between me and my friends. I’m sorry to anyone who was offended. Those posts were not aimed at anyone specific and don’t reflect how my parents raised me. The backlash received for my misjudgment was not expected, and I’m truly sorry for posting those videos.” Tik Toke users were not having it. Over twelve thousand people commented under his video not accepting his apology.

Once the Tik Tok video went viral, the school called Delaney to have a meeting. She is no longer in trouble anymore and they are now planning and creating some guidelines to put in place at Salem High School to make their school a more aware and safe environment. In the upcoming weeks, lots will be done about this situation, including posters, PSAs, assemblies, and more.

I asked her if she regretted pouring chocolate milk on the boy’s head, and she said, “Overall, I don’t regret what I did. Although it came with consequences, the rewards outweigh those by a lot. I was doxxed and threats were sent to my little brother. That was one aspect I did not think about or expect. And that makes me very upset.” She is glad she can still be a voice for those who feel unheard even though she is getting bullied by some people.

Photo Source : Delaney York

She continues to talk about how people made Tik Tok accounts shaming her body and calling her fat. She decided to not let the hurtful words get to her, so she turned it into a teaching moment. Delaney gave some advice to those who also have been bullied: “When dealing with bullies/fat shamers, don’t let them have the satisfaction of winning.” She explains that it is important to kill them with kindness. 

Delaney had a few words to say at the end of the email to inspire those who have a hard time standing up to bullies. She says,  “Overall, this situation helped me uncover some newfound love, pride, and respect for myself. I cannot remember the last time I have felt so proud to take a stand. The messages I have received from men and women around the world in support of me helped me realize I can make a difference. Anyone can! You just have to take a step forward. I know it’s scary so don’t worry. If you’re not ready for that yet, I’ll be there with chocolate milk in minutes.”