Migrant Children Matter

Photo Source: Fox News

Photo Source: Fox News

Justin Doucette, Writer

“I myself spoke with a nine-year-old girl a week-and-a-half ago who, with tears in her eyes, was trying to tell me her name. It wasn’t until a border patrol agent came to me and said ‘She’s having a hard time speaking because [when] we picked her up at the field, she was being gang-raped, and her vocal cords had given out from screaming for help’” reported Kat Cammik on April 14th. 

Of the twenty-two thousand unaccompanied minors that have crossed the southern border, more than half of them likely have a story similar to that of the one above.

In 2014, the Obama-Biden Administration built cages for the migrant children who had crossed the southern border. Over 68,541 children had arrived in the United States in 2014, many were smuggled and all were subjected to traumatic conditions like overcrowding, hunger, and most likely violence and sexual abuse. While that was 2014, that same crisis is still going on now.

As stated before, there are over twenty-two thousand unaccompanied minors who have crossed the southern border in 2021 alone. These children are currently living in cages disguised as migrant facilities, some of which reach over 700% maximum capacity. In these cages, children are sleeping on floors and growing hungrier by the day. 

Former President Donald Trump was crucified by the media for his treatment of illegal immigrants at the border. However, the highest statistic of unaccompanied minors that crossed the southern border under the Trump-Pence Administration was 2,600. Where is the media now, where these inhumane and despicable acts are being perpetrated? Millions of Americans are aware of this crisis while Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden refuse to acknowledge the danger that their administration has imposed upon these migrant children in only three months.

Going beyond the despicable living conditions imposed on these migrant children via the Biden-Harris Administration, there is a growing crisis of minor smuggling and child trafficking at the southern border.

On April 2, 2021, FOX News obtained video footage of two little girls being smuggled across the southern border. These girls, just 3 and 5 years old, were essentially thrown over the border barrier by smugglers and, if not rescued, could have been subjected to sexual abuse, slavery, etc.

Video of the girls being smuggled (trigger warning, upsetting content): https://video.foxnews.com/v/6246132463001#sp=show-clips

Another case of attempted smuggling, as reported by Kat Cammik, consists of, “…a man holding a 3-year-old little girl, claiming to be his daughter, turned himself to border patrol agents… it turns out that when they were processing this man and this little girl, he admitted, after they told him they would be doing a DNA test, that it wasn’t, in fact, his daughter.” 

If border patrol agents were not so suspicious of the said man, then that little girl would have been lost in America, with a strange man with whom she had no relation. 

Ten million documented children are sold into sexual slavery every single day. It is unfathomable to imagine how many undocumented, migrant minors have been abducted and smuggled across our southern border in just 2021 alone. 

Human smugglers are allowed to post public advertisements for illegal passageways into the United States, Representative Cammik explained in a letter to Mark Zuckerberg. “Facebook’s role in the crisis at the border is urgent and must be addressed immediately,” she said, “it is unacceptable for an American company to allow criminal enterprise to use [Zuckerberg’s] platform to freely encourage and facilitate criminal activity.”

Human smuggling is illegal by law; it is also extremely dangerous for those involved. Smugglers may hold immigrants hostage, sexually assault and abuse them on their trip, and commit even more heinous crimes.

While many Americans are struggling to pay their bills, “pimps” are making an estimated $14 million a day from smuggling families, women, and children over the southern border. “Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry,” stated former Tucson Border Control Chief Roy Villareal. 79% of trafficking victims in the United States are born outside of the United States according to the International Organization for Migration. 77.5% of trafficking victims, whose circumstances are unknown, were undocumented immigrants. It is also said that where criminal groups and migration meet, sex trafficking and child smuggling rates increase, as explained by the United Nations University. 

Of all the trafficking victims reported, imagine how many women and children have gone missing because they were not in the system. Texas Governor Greg Abbott warns “this problem will continue to get worse because of the policies that have been adopted by the Biden Administration,” the policies that allow the containment and trafficking of children. 

Governor Abbott called for the shutdown of a Texas migrant facility on April 9, 2021, due to the growing allegations of sexual abuse from the migrants, saying, “The Biden Administration has done nothing to address these situations that will lead only to more allegations of child sex abuse.”

Apart from the previous, what other states and people are taking action against the sexual abuse taking place at the southern border? Not popular democratic figures. Most Democrats that hold any weight in the White House refuse to see the sexual trafficking and abuse of migrant children as a problem. While there are also neglectful Republicans, many House Democrats that attacked President Trump for his treatment of illegal migrants are suddenly silent.

Attorney General Ashley Moody of Tallahassee, Florida called President Joe Biden to reinstall Operation Talon after he canceled it. Operation Talon is synonymous with action against human trafficking and slavery. Without Operation Talon, sexual predators can find refuge in the United States of America; they will come to believe they are indestructible. Giving known predators that privilege will put an inscrutable number of children at risk of being sexually abused, trafficked, and so on.

Letter to President Biden on the reinstatement of Operation Talon: http://myfloridalegal.com/webfiles.nsf/WF/TDGT-BYCR6W/$file/2021-02-18+Letter+re+Termination+of+Operation+Talon.pdf

When will the current administration admit to adding pure gasoline to this already out-of-control fire? There are thousands of migrant children potentially being smuggled, trafficked, and abused every day because of President Biden’s carelessness. Kamala Harris told the American people via CBS News that she and Joe Biden will “absolutely” travel south and visit the migrant facilities. Well, neither President nor Vice President have found the time to travel down to the migrant facilities. However, VP Harris has found the time to visit a Chicago bakery. Her “absolutely” quickly turned into “at some point.” If not now, then when?

As of right now, Kamala Harris plans to visit Mexico and Guatemala on the 7th and 8th of June. She said, regarding the border crisis, “If it were easy, it would have been solved a while ago.” Harris’s primary focus on her campaign trail was the migrant children, the migrant facilities, the crisis at the southern border. She also essentially said that she would be the first one down at the migrant facilities. She is currently one of the last.

It is time for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take responsibility for their actions and fix the crisis which they created. One could argue that the current administration has been left with an already broken system. However, they were not. As previously stated, the lowest amount of unaccompanied minors that crossed the border under the Trump Administration was 2,600. The facilities under Biden have created record highs. There were no facilities that are as dangerously overcrowded as the present, and therefore there was no shortage of essential resources. In addition to that, under the Trump Administration, an estimated 2,200 arrests were made concerning human trafficking in 2019 while only 1,400 were made under the Obama Administration in 2015, as shown by ICE-HSI.

The Biden Administration continues to play the border blame game with Trump, yet strays further away with every given moment from fixing this crisis. If there is no action taken then more stories like those presented will only grow higher in numbers. There will be more unaccompanied minors, hundreds of which may never get to reminisce in the freedom which America provides. There will be more sexual predators, more abused children, more of everything we, as Americans, have once fought so hard to diminish.

This cataclysm goes beyond the titles Democrat and Republican. This is not about the “lesser of two evils.” It is about handling and fixing a problem to save the children who want nothing more than to live and experience the American Dream.