Come To Café Jazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re looking to expand your music taste and get a chance to see your peers showcase some amazing musical talent, look no further than Café Jazz! This free concert takes place Friday December 13 at seven O’ clock in the Pentucket High School Cafeteria.

This is literally the perfect environment for a social situation. Take someone to Café Jazz for a first date! There’s mood lighting, free food, and any potentially awkward gaps in whispered conversation will be filled with glorious music. Take your mom, she will totally love getting involved with school events and listening to music styled from years past. Or gather a gaggle of your bros together, because Café Jazz is an amazing place to pick up some cultured chicks.

Three unique groups will be performing: the Big Band, the Junior Jazz Combo (formerly the Blues Ensemble), and the Award-Winning Senior Jazz Combo! The Junior and Senior Jazz combos focus heavily on improvisational solos while the Big Band has more meticulous structure with entire sections of similar instruments.

“I love being a part of it,” said senior Emily Daroga, who has played trumpet in the Big Band since her sophomore year. “It’s probably my favorite performance of the year, even though I never solo because I’m a coward.”

Emily went on to discuss how the sports teams have a lot of sports games that many attend, the theater department has the play which always many people love to see, but this is the pinnacle of the music department. “Café Jazz is the best performance the music department has,” Emily said.

“And also Ryan Dymek is a part of [Café Jazz], so…” Emily takes a pause to gather her thoughts. “That’s a +10 for everything”

Café Jazz is at Seven o’clock Friday evening in the cafeteria! Admission (and food) is free! It’s going to be an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!