15 Questions for 65 Years


(Photo Source: Patti Normandie) Dennis Normandie (Left), Jaxon Baril (Right)

Alyssa Coberly, Writer

7 different ages answer the same 15 questions. The people in this interview are all at different milestones in their lives. It is interesting to hear similar yet different responses to the same questions, no matter what the age is. This experiment shows not to take life so seriously and to live in the moment!


The People Interviewed:

Jaxon Baril, 6 years old (Elementary student)

Ryann Drake, 14 years old (Middle school student)

Ben Linke, 18 years old (High school student)

Tori Coberly, 24 years old (Engaged)

Laura Stevens, 29 years old (Pregnant with first child)

Jr Baril, 45 years old (A Father of 5 children)

Dennis Normandie, 69 Years old (Retired, and a grandfather)                    


  • What are your goals in life?

6 year old– “To work.”

14 year old– “To be successful and live a fun, happy life.”

18 year old– “To be happy and successful.”

24 year old– “To have a loving home with a happy healthy family.”

29 year old– “Maintain the jobs I love and to be a good mom.”

45 year old– “To make my auto repair successful.”

69 Year old– “Staying alive.”


  • What makes you happy?

6 year old– “My family.” 

14 year old– “Dance, music and friends.”

18 year old– “My girlfriend and friends.”

24 year old– “My fiance, family, my cat, and friends.”

29 year old– “My friends, dance, food, and family.”

45 year old– “Helping people.”

69 Year old– “All of my kids.”


  • What are your biggest worries right now?

6 year old– “Messes.”

14 year old– “Doing bad in school and making people sad or disappointed in me.”

18 year old– “School, work and money.”

24 year old– “Planning my wedding during this pandemic.”

29 year old– “Everything about pregnancy.”

45 year old– “Getting sick.”

69 Year old– “Paying the bills.”


  • What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

6 year old– “Play with my friends or stay home with my family.”

14 year old– “Party with my friends and just forget about anything stressful.”

18 year old– “Relax.”

24 year old– “Be with friends.”

29 year old– “Have friends over at my house and play lawn games outside and grill.”

45 year old– “Sleep.”

69 Year old– “Before Covid I would play cards.”


  • What makes you feel excited? 

6 year old– “When my friends can come over to play.”

14 year old– “Having plans for the weekend during the week and thinking about them at school.”

18 year old– “2:14pm Monday- Friday.”

24 year old– “Planning weekend trips/ activities.”

29 year old– “My jobs and future plans.”

45 year old– “When I complete a hard job and a customer comes up to pay me.”

69 Year old– “Parties.”


  • Who do you love most? 

6 year old– “My family.”

14 year old– “My sister because she’s most there for me.”

18 year old– “Alyssa Jade Coberly.”

24 year old– “My siblings, my fiance, and my cat (Melon).”

29 year old– “My husband, family and my two best friends.”

45 year old– “My family.”

69 Year old– “My siblings.”


  • What is your favorite activity? 

6 year old– “Gym.”

14 year old– “Dance.”

18 year old– “Playing Pickup Basketball.”

24 year old– “Going on boat rides/ beach days.”

29 year old– “Dance.”

45 year old– “Racing cars.”

69 Year old– “Playing pool.”


  • What advice would you give your younger self? 

6 year old– “Hi! I’ll play with you.”

14 year old– “Do whatever you want because nothing actually matters and don’t be so hard on yourself.”

18 year old– “Don’t wait for opportunities…go.”

24 year old– “You have to do what makes you happy, even if it is hard, do what’s best for you.”

29 year old– “Only try to impress the people that matter to you, don’t listen to opinions, try to do the right thing.”

45 year old– “Learn how to manage money better and to invest in things.”

69 Year old– “Try to do better in school.”


  • What do you most regret?

6 year old– “Spilling water.”

14 year old– “Doing anything bad to someone who loves me.”

18 year old– “Not putting the effort into high school.”

24 year old– “Teaching dance last year ha ha.”

29 year old– “Wasting too much time on other people that don’t care about my feelings.”

45 year old– “The time not spent with family.”

69 Year old– “Listening to people when I shouldn’t.”


  • What makes you cry?

6 year old– “My mom sometimes.”

14 year old– “Doing or thinking I did a bad job dancing or with school.”

18 year old– “Loss.”

24 year old– “Basically everything.”

29 year old– “When I feel helpless.”

45 year old– “When kids are hurt/ sick.”

69 Year old– “Sad movies.”


  • What have you learned recently?

6 year old– “How to write.”

14 year old– “Who my real friends are.”

18 year old– “The world is recently against me.”

24 year old– “That you can buy cats off of Craigslist.”

29 year old– “My baby in my stomach can yawn, hiccup, and has eyelashes.”

45 year old– “I learned a lot about Covid.”

69 Year old– “You can’t trust the government.”


  • What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

6 year old– “Clean up messes.”

14 year old– “Going through my brother’s death or having to deal with my mental state.”

18 year old– “Stop playing Baseball.”

24 year old– “A hike I did in Utah (Angels Landing).”

29 year old– “Buying a house.”

45 year old– “Racing cars.”

69 Year old– “Going on a plane by myself.”


  • Who is your role model? 

6 year old– “My sisters.”

14 year old– 

18 year old– “My grandfather.”

24 year old– “My fiance’s mom.”

29 year old– “My mom.”

45 year old– “My dad.”

69 Year old– “Nobody.”


  • What scares you the most?

6 year old– “Spiders.”

14 year old– “The thought of losing anyone that cares about me or failing.”

18 year old– “Telephone poles.”

24 year old– “Losing someone I love.”

29 year old– “Something happening to my loved ones.”

45 year old– “Failing.”

69 Year old– “The dark.”


  • What was the happiest day of your life?

6 year old– “When I got to go to Dylan’s Cape Cod house.”

14 year old– 

18 year old– “March 13, 2020.”

24 year old– “I’d say the day I first met my baby brother, and the day I got engaged.”

29 year old– “The day I found out I was pregnant.”

45 year old– “The days my kids were born.”

69 Year old– “When I bought my drum set because I paid for it for myself and worked hard for it.”