Living With a Brother Who has Autism

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Alyssa Coberly, Writer

Having a sibling with autism can help change your view on life. My brother was born with autism, being diagnosed when he was just one-year-old. Early Intervention came to our house almost everyday for three years. He had a hard time talking and socializing. Being able to watch him learn and grow, with the help of those who came to visit, has helped me understand how to have patience even when it seems impossible. He progressed each day, and now he is six years old. He is very smart and is good at everything he does. 

Watching the way a woman named Liza worked with my brother has opened my mind to consider Early Intervention as a career option for the future. I want to be able to help children and their families because I was inspired by how much Liza helped my brother and my family. While my brother’s diagnosis has been a challenge, it has shaped me into who I want to be and what I want to do for a career. 

There have been tough times when his behavior was more difficult to handle. It would distract me and I would have a hard time getting school work done, but I decided to focus more on the positive times and cherish those memories. Now, since he got help, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he has autism. I love my brother to death and wouldn’t want to change anything about him. He is very good at soccer, dance, and baseball. He is also highly intelligent and definitely outshines my sister and I. 

Everyone has a different experience with a family member who has autism. Although there have been times that were hard, I am grateful to have my brother. He has taught me so much these past few years. I grew a lot from this experience, and I can’t wait to go help other families grow, too.