A Stressful End of the School Year


(Photo Source: NBC News)

Alyssa Thompson, Writer

As the end of school gets closer, the workload may seem heavier. Schedules seem busier and it feels like every teacher is giving a quiz on the same day. However, that may not be the case. 


For most students, the end of the school year seems chaotic and stressful. This could be because of teachers trying to fit everything into the small amount of time they have left, students losing motivation or a number of other things. 


According to sophomore Riley Bucco, “There are always more events and it seems like everyone is scrambling to get things done. Also, the heat makes everyone crazy which makes the school day hectic.” 


Rushing around to get everything done can be a major factor in stress for students. Teachers cram as much as they can into the last few weeks of school and it feels like everyones’ brains are in rapid mode. 


The biggest question of all: Is the end of the school year really busier or do students just lose motivation?


Sophomore Katie Drislane says, “I believe it is just a lack of motivation as opposed to more work. During the bulk of the year, I believe there is more work and I am much more tedious. My lack of motivation is mostly due to hot weather and excitement towards summer.”


This sounds like it is the case for most students. Many other students have admitted to giving up on school at the end of the year. They leave earlier, skip more classes, and don’t do the work they are assigned. 


For sophomore Riley Bucco, everything takes more effort. “…Because of the heat, assignments seem much harder than they really are.” 


So is it the loss of motivation by students or the attempt to squeeze every unit not yet finished by teachers? The answer to that question has a variety of answers, mostly teachers pointing fingers at students and vice versa. As the last few days of school drag on, hopefully, Pentucket students can finish strong.