The Best and Deadliest Places on a Hot Day at Pentucket


Isabella Digeannaro, Writer

With no air conditioning and the year ending with a strong heatwave, Pentucket has been extremely hot. While it is almost reaching 95 outside it’s not any cooler inside, luckily there are a few places that will help you stay cool. Here are some of those places, with a couple of fun photos all taken by yours truly 🙂



The top place to go on a hot sweaty day at Pentucket is everyone’s favorite place: guidance. Guidance, luckily, is air-conditioned and a great place for a cool refresher. You take a step in and you instantly feel refreshed. If you’re lucky, some teachers might even let you work there.



Coming in second is the library as Mrs. Costello is always keeping it cool. Out of the few places that are air-conditioned, the library is one of the best ones. Just like guidance, some teachers may let you work there and Mrs. Costello is always welcoming to let you take a break there.


The Nurse

The nurse is a great place to go on a hot school day. Mrs.Therrien is always open to let you hang out and take a break in her office. She offers good-priced bottles of water and even every now and then; freeze-pops. Although do not tell her you’re not feeling well or she will send you to get a covid test. Here she is holding up her water!


This may be opinionated but I think the bathrooms are quite cool. A nice quick trip to the bathroom could change your day. Not only is it cool but they also have sinks with cool water. If you’re really dreading the heat you can just splash some nice cold water on your face.



You would think taking a walk through the hallways might just make you sweat more but honestly they help. Taking a quick walk around the hall or even just going to sit could cool you off. The hallways can sometimes give you that nice breather of coolness. 


The Tents 

With covid going on, we now have tents outside that are completely shaded. If you’re lucky, your teacher will have rented it out and you might get class outside in the tent. This sounds like it might not help but trust me when I say the tents are cooler than the classrooms. 


Hiding in the Shade Outside

If you’re unlucky and your teacher doesn’t get a tent, most teachers will gladly let you work outside. Of course, the outside is hot but if you get a nice seat in the shade it will help. As we see here, Lana Mickelson is enjoying the shade of this tree.

Now there are also the deadliest places to go to on a hot day, these are the places you want to avoid. 



The cafe is supposedly air-conditioned but if you ask anyone, it does not seem like it whatsoever. The cafe is most likely one of the hottest places in the school, the longer you stay in the stuffier it gets. So a piece of advice: try not to go to the cafe. 


The English and History Wing 

This wing is the deadliest of all and everyone knows it. Mr. Ruland, Ms.Cromwell, Mrs. Beaton, Mr. Honer, Ms. Carter, and Mrs. Ducolon are just a few of the hottest classrooms within the school. Luckily, these teachers know it too and are generous with letting you go work in cooler areas. For example, everyone’s favorite, Ms. Carter brought in water for everyone on the hot 95-degree day! 

The Gym 

Of course, the gym is going to be a very hot place. When you first walk in, I can say it is refreshing, but as you stay in for longer it grows to be hotter. With kids constantly running around the heat just goes up and up.


Outside in the Sun

At all costs don’t torture yourself and sit outside in the sun. No one wants to have to be sent to the aforementioned nurse for heatstroke at school. Instead, keep yourself in the cool places above and maybe even bring a portable fan just like Luke Redgate. Avoid outside in the sun, trust in me when I say it’s better to be stuck inside rather than being stuck outside.