Do Pentucket Students Care About Climate Change?

Source: Christina Mittermeier,

Source: Christina Mittermeier,

Sarah Graninger, Writer

More than one million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change, including humans. The damage climate change has done to our earth will be irreversible by 2030. Students at Pentucket High School have been asked about what they know about climate change, and from their answers, they seemed to be clueless. A majority of the students didn’t know what to say, because they aren’t educated on the topic at all. 


Some of the responses were reassuring about humanity. Junior Alyssa Thompson says, “It’s happening really fast and people should take more action to fix this.”


 Other responses from the Pentucket class were truly concerning. Some students are completely oblivious of what is truly going on.  Senior Gavin Dollus says, “It’s fake!” His friends all agreed with his thoughts on this pressing issue.


Junior Cameron Smith says, “The Polar Places are Melting?” 


It has been three whole centuries that have been wasted since scientists first warned us about global climate change. The temperature in the US has increased 1.3-1.9 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895. Best of all, the temperatures in the US are expected to continue to rise. Human activity and the things we do/use on a daily basis are affecting the planet we live on. It’s heartbreaking that nobody cares that they are accomplices in killing the earth that has supplied for us and nourished the human species for over 200,000 years. 


Not only will climate change affect us, but the other species on earth as well. But since that doesn’t personally affect you, it doesn’t matter, right? 

Beautiful species like the polar bear, monarch butterfly, snow leopard, African elephant, and so many more are losing their homes. I’m sure you would care if the home from underneath you started slowly melting away. They will constantly be fighting challenges for survival due to climate change. Heatwaves, droughts, rising sea levels, and melting glaciers are taking away the homes of so many species. This can directly harm the animals as well, in fact, climate change is responsible for the death of 19% of endangered species.

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I spoke with one of the teachers from the Pentucket Science Department, Mr. Soule. We talked about his thoughts and feelings on global climate change. He goes on to voice his concerns, on how “humans ignore or don’t consider facts and data, and they worry about their personal beliefs and desires.” Mr. Soule tries to do his part in reversing climate change by shutting off lights, keeping his thermostat and water heater down, and using his electric lawnmower. When asked how Petucket can help reverse climate change, he explained that there would be new things in the school that will help Pentuckets’ part in reversing climate change. There will be lots of new technology in the school, which can either be sustainable or damaging.


Global Warming is a very concerning problem that should be educated in our curriculum more than it already is. We deserve to be educated on topics about the planet we live on.


You would think this generation would care more since this is how we are leaving the planet for our kids, and grandchildren. We have a chance to reverse climate change now. Why wouldn’t we take it?