#2 – Why I Didn’t Buy a Pixel 5a


Chaney Goldstein, Producer

In this week’s episode of Chaney’s Tech Talk, Chaney talks about the new Pixel 5a and why he didn’t purchase one even though he was planning on it all year. Chaney also talks about the T-Mobile data breach and what it was like to be a T-Mobile customer during it. Android Auto for Phone Screens is being shut down and this is also discussed, along with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s cameras being disabled when the phone’s bootloader is unlocked. All will be explained on this week’s episode of Chaney’s Tech Talk, from Chay Chay Tech Time.

This is Episode #2 of Chaney’s Tech Talk. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology news from Chaney, writer for Chay Chay Tech Time.

From Chay Chay Tech Time, a subsidiary of NTG Developer.

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Source: Chay Chay Tech Time (chaychaytechtime.com)