Pentucket in Pictures: Spirit Week


Hannah Linehan, Editor-in-Chief

School spirit is always vibrant at Pentucket. Due to COVID, spirit week, unfortunately, took a year-long sabbatacle. This year school spirit came back with full force with students on all grade levels wanting to make up for lost time.

The events started on Wednesday 17th, and lasted the week before Thanksgiving Break. The themes chosen this year were: Western Day, Boston Sports Day, Pajamas Day, Career Day, Color Day, and Pentucket Spirit Day. Organized by Student Council every year, the week turned out to be great success. Students gathered in homeroom where numbers were tallied, and the competition began. Student Council also organized a canned food drive where donations were encouraged for all grade levels.

The results were as follows:

First Place: Surprise, surprise, Seniors won…let’s go!

Second Place: Juniors

Third Place: Freshmen


Fourth Place: Sophomores


Now for the moment you all have been waiting for:

All photos taken by Hannah Linehan 🙂