The Posting of Signs Leads to Controversy

Since the beginning of the school year, there has been a controversy over hanging signs out on the fence in front of the school.

It was rumored that during the fall, Superintendent Mulqueen ordered the Cross Country team to take down the Mattress Sale advertisement but allowed the Theater Department to keep up the sign advertising the play.

Is this discriminatory or is there reason behind it?

After getting in touch with Dr. Mulqueen, there seems to be reason behind it. Superintendent Mulqueen said, “The district has the following policy pertaining to advertising.  It is customary for organizations to request permission from me to post signs on school property.  Our new electronic sign allows us to provide a better way to publicize approved information.  We won’t need signs on the grounds or hung on the fences.”

Perhaps the Theater Department asked for permission but the Cross Country team did not.

However, the Superintendent’s response seems a bit controversial because after revisiting the issue about a month later, there seems to be a sign hung up on the fence once again.

A sign advertising the Alumni Night is not posted up on the school fence. According to Dr. Mulqueen’s response from approximately a month ago, the electronic sign would be used to advertise certain events. So why is this sign hung up on the fence?

The sign controversy seems to be an ongoing issue and is causing animosity among community members.