• Juneteenth/No School- June 19th
  • Senior Class Trip, Smitty's Cinema - May 28th
  • Graduation- June 1st
  • Prom/Half Day- May 24th
  • Last Day of School for Seniors - May 24th
  • Last Day Of School (non-seniors) - June 14th
  • Memorial Day/No School- May 27th
  • Credit for life- May 23rd
  • Mother's Day - May 12th
  • Cafe Jazz, 7pm- May 10

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[Photo] Who’s in your Class?

Ashley Magee, Staff Writer
March 24, 2014
Rock and Roll

[Photo] Rock n’ Roll

Oriana Richmond, Staff Writer
March 13, 2014
CPR Doll

[Photo] CPR Certification

Rachel Darke, Staff Writer
March 6, 2014

[Photo] Nichol’s Village

Jordan Balleto, Staff Writer
March 5, 2014

[Photo] Schooling in 1940

Rebecca Torissi, Staff Writer
February 6, 2014
Jenn Nichols

[Photo] Who is Art?

Jen Lovett, Staff Writer
February 3, 2014
Cam at Nichols

[Photo] Afternoon with Alice

Cam Silvera, Staff Writer
February 3, 2014
Fresh lettuce

[Photo] Going with the Flow

Brayden Carney, Staff Writer
January 14, 2014
K-12 Art Exhibit

K-12 Art Exhibit

Jared Shepard, Staff Photographer
December 20, 2013
Internet Final

[Photo] Online Stranger Danger

Meg Perry, Staff Writer
December 16, 2013
Paints on Paints on Paints

[Photo] Art and Diversity

Nicolette Kente, Staff Writer
December 12, 2013
The ticket booth

[Photo] It’s fo free??

Brielle Powers, Staff Writer
December 4, 2013
sign pic

[Photo] New Sign, Yay or Nay?

Brayden Carney, Staff Writer
December 4, 2013
Excited Faces in Class!

[Photo] Longer Classes Anyone?

David Greene, Staff Writer
November 20, 2013
Cheech and Chong

Halloween at Pentucket

Jared Shepard, Staff Photographer/ Writer
November 14, 2013
Band @ Bridge Opening

[Photo] Listen To the Band!

Megan Perry, Staff Writer
November 8, 2013
Group Photo

Germans in Journalism!

Jared Shepard, Staff Photographer/ Writer
October 29, 2013
Cafeteria Panorama Downsize

[Photo] No Breakfast At Ptuck

Allison Jenkins, Staff Writer
October 29, 2013
Clogged Hallways

[Photo] The Freeways of Pentucket

David Greene, Staff Writer
October 28, 2013
Doing Work

[Photo] Homework, Helful or Not?

Beebe Jackson, Staff Writer
October 28, 2013
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