New Disney Princesses Design

Recently Disney chose to redesign their famous princesses.  After receiving harsh criticism they pulled one design and backtracked saying it was only for use for the official coronation of Merida into the Disney family, and that Merida “wanted to dress up for the event” despite that statement being wildly out of her character.  But, why would that explain why they redesigned the other princesses?  Also, even though they said it was for the coronation they used the designs on products that are still for sale in their online store.

The new designs give every princess a heavy covering of glitter and a more modern version of their iconic hairstyles. Aurora and Belle look like they never brushed their hair. Most of the princesses had their waist shrunk. It’s okay to be skinny, but this is too exaggerated. It looks like they’re about to snap in half.  The little body diversity there was among the princesses before is now completely erased.

The worst of the redesign hit the princesses of color.  Pocahontas has her proportions stretched and face entirely reshaped and coated in bright makeup.  Jasmine has her hair straightened and her skin lightened.  Tiana’s new look isn’t too bad, except her dress is changed so it doesn’t fit her story at all.

Mulan’s is the worst.  She’s bound up in an outfit from the wrong time period.  They whitened her skin and widened her eyes.  Her defiant pose is replaced by a calm and settled appearance.  Mulan’s design upset many fans because she was the role model for kids who don’t like to act ‘like a princess.’  Her new look strips away her personality and parents feel it might do the same to her fans.

This was a bad move on Disney’s part.  We hope they’ll step up and admit this wasn’t right and return to their classic style.