Meet Diane DiMento

Visiting Nichols Village this week was a great way to meet new people and learn more about them. We were each pared up with a resident at Nichols Village in Groveland. I was pared with Mrs. Diane DiMento, she was the sweetest lady.

Diane told me so much about her life and her personality was perfect. Diane had been at Nichols Village for quite some time and has loved her stay. She was very social and kind to everyone else. All though she claimed to be kept to herself and quite, she was very outgoing towards me. She told me all about her travels and how she loves to visit new places. She also was in association with Nichols Village before she moved there. She helped and collaborated a lot with Nichols Village, even when it was first built.

Diane also expressed to me her love for her husband who is unfortunately no longer with us. She told me about how they met when they were very young and fell deeply in love. Their love was so passionate and strong, they never separated and she still loves him more than anything. While she was talking about him I could hear the passion and the saddening sorrow for her husband.

Diane has a few children and loves hearing from them. Some live far so she doesn’t get a chance to see them but she had many stories to share about them. Diane liked school and was a very smart young girl while in school. Diane also talked about her dog that she loved but tragically lost.

Diane had so many fascinating things to tell me about the life she lived and the amazing people in her life. She has a very bubbly personality and a kind heart. I loved hearing from her and I know she has a road of happiness ahead of her.