Visiting Groveland’s Nichols Village

Many students from Pentucket’s Journalism class took a quick trip up to Groveland’s very own Nichol’s Village.

Nichol’s Village is a beautiful retirement community located 1-2 minutes away from Pentucket High & Middle Schools. Students were assigned a senior citizen(s) to interview about any topic they felt was important.

Married couple Jade and Gere Wysong were one of the friendly people interviewed at Nichol’s Village. Jane and Gere have been married since they met in their college years. The interview consisted of a following questions regarding traveling the world and their upbringing.

Jade and Gere had fun and normal upbringings. Impressively, Gere studied to become a doctor in his life while traveling and living in many different parts of Europe.

Gere gave me some smart advice saying, “Travel and see as much of the world as possible, and do what makes you happy in life.” Further stating, “Chase your dreams because you only live one life and it’s short.”