Work and School

(Photo Source:, Nina Oretga)

(Photo Source:, Nina Oretga)

Katelyn Sullivan, Writer

The majority of students around the world are employed. Although, has anyone ever thought about how it can affect their school life?


When students receive an occupation, they see it as a big turning point in their life. They are making money, doing something they enjoy, and meeting new people. But not many students stop to think and realize its effect on their life outside of work.


Though it is good for a student to become employed, getting home late from a closing shift and still needing to complete homework, or losing sleep from catching up with school work and waking up early, is not healthy. This does not necessarily mean students should not work, just that their schedule should be more thought out. 


I consulted with my coworker, Allie Fandel, a junior here at Pentucket, asking if she felt it would be easier to not work during the week. She responds, “I feel as though it would be a lot easier to not work during the school week because it is a lot of pressure. Between school work and a job it can be hard to balance both at the same time. For example, if I have a hard day at school and have a lot of homework, then having to go to work immediately after school gives me no time to do any of that work till I get home late, it is a challenge.” Not working as much is not a bad thing, especially when it can positively affect a student’s school work. 


When a student is overworked and under pressure, communicating with teachers is another way to relieve the overwhelming stress they may be experiencing. Teachers can understand better when an assignment is late, or why the student may be tired in class. Though it may not excuse the student from work, it will relieve the stress of facing a teacher’s aggravation. 


Students overwork and overwhelm themselves too easily without even realizing it. It is okay to take a break from an occupation and focus on school to get their schedule back to a normal pace. A student’s schedule could be impacted greatly due to the fact that they do not know what their workload will be, they do not know what to expect. It can be hard for students to make their work schedule because of this. Taking time to get things done is not a harsh thing, you are allowed to take a break from a job to better yourself and your school work.