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Katelyn Sullivan

Katelyn Sullivan, Writer

I’m Katelyn Sullivan, I am a Junior at Pentucket High School. When I am not in school, to keep myself busy/occupied I tend to hang out with friends, or maybe take a walk and listen to music. Listening to music opens my mind, it is something I value most. The lyrics or even the tone of a song can heal a person. Tyler, the Creator is one of my top artists out of all the people I listen to, he writes everything he puts out, he is real. Music that is real, and when you can tell the creator isn't just making it to get to the top, but to speak to people, it makes me enjoy it more. Writing about things I feel strongly about, like music, is something I appreciate. Taking journalism with Mr. Casey will not only make me a better writer and speaker but also gives me the ability to enjoy the classwork and look forward to it. 


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Katelyn Sullivan